Open To-Do Application

Your homework for this session involves adding some features to an existing application. The application is a variant of the SQL Yoga To-Do application.

Open the launcher.rev Stack File

Choose File > Open Stack.

Open the launcher.rev file from the Starting Application folder that you can find in the Homework folder.

Load Application

Once the launcher stack appears make sure the browse tool is selected (1) and click on the stack (2). This will load all of the application files into the Revolution IDE and open the main program window.

You should see this window appear.

Refresh or Open the Application Browser

If you already have the Application Browser open then you will need to click the Refresh button to update the list of stacks in memory.

If you don't have the Application Browser open then open it by choosing Tools > Application Browser in the menu. In the end your Application Browser should look similar to this one.


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