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How Do I Password Protect My Application Stacks When Deploying?

Revolution allows you to set the password property of a stack in order to encrypt the scripts. While this is a useful feature it can be troublesome to password protect your stacks during development.

The GLX Application Framework enables you to specify a password that will only be applied to stacks when you deploy standalones or updates. This provides the benefit of password protection without the inconvenience of having to enter the password for stacks each time you open them in the Revolution IDE during development.

Set the Stack Password Property

You can set the password property in the General tab. The password you enter will be applied to all application stacks when you build deploy standalones or build and updater.

Note: Some operations require that a stack be unlocked in order to work. If a stack is password protected then you can unlock the stack by setting the passkey property. If you want to copy controls from a stack or paste controls onto a stack at runtime then you must set the passkey of the stack before doing so. Setting the passkey could be done in the glxapp_initializeApplication message for example.

The framework will automatically unlock any stacks for you if the stack name is among the lines of the "stacks to unlock in standalone" property. You can add stacks to this property in the Stacks & Externals tab.


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