Incorporating Your Program Stack Into the Framework-Based Application

This lesson will explain how to take existing stack files and use them with the GLX Application Framework. To begin, create a new GLX Application.

Move Your Stack Files into Application Directory

After creating a new GLX Application your application folder will look like this. Copy your existing stack files into the same folder as program.dat. You can then delete program.dat.

Update Application Stacks

Now you need to update the list of stacks that make up your GLX Application. Remove program.dat from the list of stacks by selecting it and pressing the Delete key (1). Then add any stack files you copied over using the Add Stack (2) button. For more information on adding stack files to your application see this lesson.

Update "application" Stack Script

Open the script for the "application" stack.

Edit kProgramStackName Constant

Update the kProgramStackName constant at the top of the script to match the name of your main program stack in memory (not the name of your stack file).

This constant is used in the glxapp_openApplication and glxapp_relaunch messages which you will find in the same script.


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