Create Songs Data Grid

A Data Grid table that we design from a data point of view.

Add Data Grid to Card

Rename Data Grid

Turn Off Editing and Persistent Data

Determine Columns Data Grid Needs

Create Columns

Enter Test Data

Customize Time Column

Rename Card With Row Template

New Group Named After Column Is Created

Edit Time Column Behavior Script

Convert Data Passed In To Time String

Preview Change

Customize Rating Column

Import Star Image

Edit Rating Group

Create "EventCatcher" Button

21 px high

Create Buttons For Star Icon

21 px high

The Rating Column Template Group

Edit Rating Column Behavior Script

Adjust Icon Based On Rating Column Value

Value from 0 to 100

Comment Out LayoutControl Code

Preview Change

Tighten Up Column

Adjust EventCatcher button to 72 pixels wide

Adjust Width and Properties Of Rating Column

Preview Changes


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