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Adding Windows Vista Manifest To a Revolution Executable

In Windows Vista an .exe file can have a manifest embedded in it that tells Windows the application should run with administrator privileges. When the user launches the .exe Vista will prompt the user for a username and password. Your application can then write to protected directories.

This lesson will demonstrate how to embed a manifest file using Resource Tuner by Heaventools software which is available here.

You can download an example manifest file here.

Open Resource Tuner

Open Executable

Use the file menu to open the Windows executable you built with the Revolution Standalone Builder.

Reveal Manifest

In Resource Tuner you will see a Manifest folder. Expand the folder and double-click on "1" to open the application manifest in the Resource Editor.

Open Manifest File

Open the manifest file you downloaded at the beginning of this lesson in Notepad. Copy the contents from Notepad and paste them into the Resource Editor.

The Result

Your manifest will now look something like this. Click OK to accept the changes.


Click the save icon to save a your executable with the new manifest.

Test Application

Launch the application while running under a non-admin account. You should see a dialog similar to this appear asking for an administrator password to run the application.


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