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How To Create And Assign A Behavior

This lesson will show you how to create and assign a behavior to a control in Revolution.

What is a Behavior?

A behavior is merely the script of a button (1) that can be assigned to other controls (2). Any control that has it's behavior property assigned to the button will inherit the script of the button as its own.

Assigning a Behavior

You assign a button as the behavior of another control by setting the control's behavior property (1). Now any changes you make to the script of the button will alter how the control behaves since you are essentially changing the script assigned to the control.

For example, if the button (2) has an openField handler defined in it's script then when openField is sent to the field (3) that code would be executed.


William Roger Moseid

Ah . . . in FIleMaker we accomplish this by attaching an action to the button, that means: "When button is clicked, run script xyz" or "When button is clicked, goto Layout (screen GUI) List".

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