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Upgrading the Data Grid Library

Locate New Version of revdatagridlibrary.rev

Locate the latest revdatagridlibrary.rev library you downloaded.

Locate Your Revolution Installation

Locate your Revolution installation folder. Inside of that folder you will find the Toolset folder.

Rename Existing revdatagridlibrary.rev

Rename the existing revdatagridlibrary.rev file so that you can revert to the shipping version later on if needed.

Copy revdatagridlibrary.rev File to Toolset Folder

Copy the new revdatagridlibrary.rev stack file you downloaded to the Toolset folder.


Vaughn Clement

It's clear that the reference you're showing are out of date "Revolution Enterprise 4. Can they be used or do you need to update the lesson to the current products available?

Trevor DeVore

This instructions would be the same for the latest version of LiveCode but you shouldn't need it. LiveCode ships with the latest data grid library.

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