How Do I Add Externals to My Application?

The application framework will automatically load externals and make all external handlers available to all scripts in your application. You just need to tell it which externals you are using.

Note: The Revolution database external requires specific drivers for the database that you are connecting to. Please see the next lesson for instructions on including the appropriate database drivers in your application.

Copy Externals To Application Folder

Before adding externals to your application you need to copy the externals to your application folder. To find Revolution externals look in the ./Runtime (1) folder of your Revolution installation. In this folder you will find externals for all platforms. Copy the externals you will use to your application folder (2).

Add External

Click the Add External button to add an external to the application.

Select External

A dialog will appear with a list of externals to select from (1). An external identifies itself to Revolution using a specific string. This identifier string is reported in the externalPackages property. This predefined list contains the string that appears in the externalPackages property for each listed external.

If your external is not listed then you must enter the string that appears in the externalPackages property manually (2).

Point to External For Each Platform

After selecting the external it will appear in the list of externals for your application (1). Now you need to tell the framework where the external file are for each platform.

If the external has an OS X version then click in the OS X column to select the OS X external file (2).

Select OS X File

Select the OS X external.

Select Windows External File

If the external has a Windows version then click in the Windows column.

Select Windows File

Select the Windows external file.

The Result

Now the external has been added to the application and will load the proper file for the platform the application is running on.

Note: When running in the IDE the external will only be loaded if the IDE has not already loaded the external at startup.


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