Specifying Which Files Your Application Can Open

You can configure the file extensions that your application supports. This is done for two primary reasons.

1) When your application receives a notice from the operating system to open a file the GLX framework checks all files against the list of supported file extensions. The framework then sends the glxapp_openFiles message to your application with a list of files the operating system is requesting it to open.

2) You can quickly create file type filters for use with the answer file with type command.

Adding a File Extension

Click on the Add Extension button.

Enter File Extension

Enter Short Description

Enter File Type (Mac Only)

The Extension is Added

Now that you have added the file extension you can use it in a file type filter (see next lesson). If you only need to create a file type filter with one file extension you can call glxapp_fileTypeFilterFromExtension(). For example, calling glxapp_fileTypeFilterFromExtension("Text File") would return "Text File|txt|TEXT" which could be used with the answer file with type command.


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