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What Message Is Sent To My Application During Packaging?

A Revolution stack will always open looking the same as the last time you saved it. When deploying an application you usually want to prepare your stacks by deleting any development resources and arranging controls so they look right the first time the application opens.

When you package a GLX Application a copy of every application file is made and all custom properties that the Revolution IDE or GLX2 create are erased from every control. Each stack is also compacted and saved. This lesson discusses how to perform any additional actions when deploying an application.

The glxapp_build Message

When you package an application a copy of each application stack is created. After a copy of your application is made the stacks will be loaded into memory and the glxapp_build message is sent to the application stack.

This message is sent after the application has been copied but before the stack files have been compacted and saved. All stack files are in memory so you can modify the stacks however you would like before they are placed in an updater or standalone folder.


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