Add Read Me And Database As A Standalone Resource

Before using the Application Packager we are going to add two more files to the application. The Standalone Resources tab allows you to add files that will be included with the distribution for each platform.

Add The Read Me.rtf File

Open the framework plugin and switch to the Standalone Resources tab (1). Click on the Add File button (2).

Select Read Me.rtf File

Enter Relative Output Folder

You can leave the relative output folder dialog empty. The Read Me.rtf file goes in the root application folder.

Checkoff Platforms and Add Database File

The Read Me.rtf file will be distributed with both Mac and Windows. Click in the column for both platforms (1).

Click the Add File button again to add the to-do.sqlite database file.

Select to-do.sqlite File

Set Output Folder

The to-do.sqlite file needs to be distributed inside of the application bundle on OS X. You can use a special variable when defining the path to tell the Application Packager to do this: [[APPLICATION]]. On OS X [[APPLICATION]] is replaced with the path to the application files in the bundle. On Windows [[APPLICATION]] is ignored.

Note: You should never distribute a database file that you will write to inside of an application bundle since you can't ensure that the it will be writable when a user installs it. This is merely used as an example of moving files into the Application Bundle on OS X.

Distribute With Standalone Only

Now that the to-do.sqlite file has been added change the package types column to standalone. Doing so means that the the file will only be including when building desktop installers. It will not be included when preparing update packages.

The Standalone Resources pane now looks like this.

Save Settings

Click on the Save Settings button to save your work.


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