Building Installers With the Application Packager

The Application Packager is what you use to package up your application in order to create an installer or provide an update.

In order to get around some limitations in regards to manipulating scripts that is present in a Revolution standalone application you need to open the Application Packager in the Revolution IDE. I usually keep multiple copies of the same version of Revolution around and just open the Application Packager stack in a separately running instance of the IDE.

Launch Revolution

Make sure you don't have any other stacks open.

Open Application Packager

Choose the File > Open Stack... menu item.

Select the glxApplicationPackager.rev stack file located in the application packager folder of the GLX Application Framework distribution folder.

Load Application File

Click on the Load Application button to select the application.dat stack file to load. The application.dat stack file contains all of the information about your application that you have configured in the plugin.

Select application.dat Stack File

Build Installer

Click the Build Installer button.

Select Output Folder

Build the installers in the ./Distribution/Builds/1.0 folder of the homework folder. The build process will begin.


If you are on OS X and included the AppleScript file then FileStorm should open and begin building the DMG image.

The Result

When complete, you should see a 1.0.0d1 folder in the 1.0 folder you selected. Inside the 1.0.0d1 folder is a folder named _Backup (assuming you left the backup checkbox checked) and a folder named Development. The Development folder is named after the Build Profile you used to build the application.

Notice that each platform has it's own folder with all of the applicable files. To-Do 1.0.0d1.dmg is the OS X DMG file that FileStorm created. The To-Do.iss file is present as well. This file can be used to build the Windows installer in INNO Setup.


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