Configure Global Build Profile Settings

We are just about ready to open the Application Packager. We just need to configure some settings that will affect building installers and update packages.

Configure Auto Update URL and FTP Settings

1) If you would like to have the Application Packager automatically upload update packages for you then you can configure your FTP settings in the Build Profiles pane.

Note that the Path to update folder should point to the folder that contains the folders named after your build profiles. In the examples given in an earlier lesson that would be:


2) The Base Auto Update URL is the publicly accessible URL that your application will download update packages from. You can specify a username and password to use if the URL requires authentication.

Add AppleScript File

The Application Packager can run an AppleScript file after it finishes packaging the installer files. This can be used to automate the creation of a DMG file.

If you are on OS X and have FileStorm installed then click the button next to the field to selection a file.

Select FileStorm AppleScript.txt File

In the Distribution/Installers folder of the homework folder you will find a file named FileStorm AppleScript.txt. This contains some AppleScript. There are variables that you can include in the AppleScript file to help with automation.

Select Files To Copy To Build Folder

The Application Builder allows you to specify files that will be copied to the build folder (folder where installer and update package files are placed). There are variables that can be used in these files that can help with automation. Click the button next to the field to select a file.

Select To-Do.iss File

The To-Do.iss file is an INNO Setup file that will be used to build the Windows installer.

The Result

Here is what the Build Profiles tab should look like when you are done. Click Save Settings to save your work.


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