Update FileStorm Project

The FileStorm project uses an alias to the /Applications folder on your development computer. This alias adds an alias to the folder on the DMG file that is created so that the user can drag your application into the Applications directory really easily.

This lesson will show you how to create the alias and update the project to point to the alias.

Locate FileStorm Project

The FileStorm project is located in the ./Distribution/Installers folder of the homework folder. Open it in FileStorm.

Ignore Error Dialog

You will see an error dialog saying that FileStorm can't find some files. That is OK as we are going to update the paths.

Inspect Applications Folder

Click on the Applications folder (1) and then open the inspector (2).

Notice the path to the folder. This path points to an alias on my computer.

Create Alias on Your Computer

Create an alias of the /Applications folder on your computer by right-clicking on it and selecting Make Alias.

A Folder named Applications Alias is created.

Move and Rename

Move the folder into your home folder. Your home folder may already have a folder named Applications (1) so place the alias in a subdirectory (2). Rename it to Applications.

Update Path in FileStorm

Now return to FileStorm and click on the button to choose a different folder. Select the alias folder you just created.


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