Test The Standalone Version

Now that you have put together the To-Do application you can launch the OS X or Windows standalone. Just make sure and save your work in the IDE first.

Locate To-Do Executable

The tutorial distribution includes a To-Do executable for Mac and Windows. You can launch the executable for your platform to see the To-Do application work.

Running on OS X

Running on Windows



When I try to run the executable it says "The ApplicationObject was not found in the application stack." What might I be doing wrong everything worked to this point.

Trevor DeVore

@Greg - it looks like I inadvertently updated the file format of the "application" and "libSQLYoga" stacks when I made some updates. The LiveCode engine included with the download is an older engine. I will fix that but in the meantime execute the following in the multi-line message box in the IDE. You should then be able to launch the executable.

set the stackFileVersion to 2.4
save stack "application"
save stack "libSQLYoga"

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