About SQL Yoga and This Manual

This manual is the how-to manual for SQL Yoga. SQL Yoga extends the simplicity of Revolution to databases by allowing you to treat your database like an object. Stop wrestling with SQL and see how easy database integration can be:

• Set properties rather than writing SQL

• Define searches using english words rather than arcane wildcard symbols

• Manipulate arrays, not cursors

• Easily generate searches from complex search UIs

• Tap into database table relationships to simplify code

To get the latest information, API documentation, learning materials and SQL Yoga library visit the SQL Yoga web page:


IMPORTANT: SQL Yoga Is Built On Top of RevDB And the Valentina (V4REV) External

SQL Yoga is built on top of RevDB and the Valentina external (V4REV). In order to use SQL Yoga you must have Revolution 3.5 or higher. Your version of Revolution must also support database access OR your must own a copy of the V4REV database external.


Vaughn Clement

I am interested in using SQL Yoga, but looking at your site the articles are very old and the SQL Yoag looks like it has not kept up with LivCode's new versions. Can you tell me where you at with SQL Yoga moving forward?

Trevor DeVore

@Vaughn - SQL Yoga works with the latest version of LiveCode (Commercial). I make updates to SQL Yoga on occasion as needs require. The current plan is to move SQL Yoga to a dual license so that it can be used with the Community version of LiveCode. I don't have any timeframe for when I will get to that, however.

Vaughn Clement

OK. I also wondered if SQL Yoga can be used within the app without the need to have the database hosted on the internet. I did not see where Yoga had views on a card for the data fields. Or does it use the DataGrid control?

Trevor DeVore

@Vaughn - SQL Yoga will connect to any database that RevDB will connect to so the answer is yes. For example, can use a SQLite file or a MySQL database running on the local computer.

SQL Yoga doesn't handle displaying your data at all. It does provide commands that return results as an array that can be assigned to a data grid, however.


Can SQL Yoga be used in Livecode 8.1.7 IOS apps ?

Trevor DeVore

@Melvin - I don't think the current public version of SQL Yoga will work if used in a password protected 8.x application. I did start the process of converting SQL Yoga to a script only stack and fixing the issues introduced in LC 8. You can download the stacks here if you want to try them out:


You would be interested ind downloading sqlyoga.livecodescript and sqlyoga_schema.livecodescript and using those two stacks as libraries in your project.

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