Introduction to Table Objects

The Table Object

The Table Object

SQL Yoga is able to automate a number of tasks because it imports information about the database tables and table fields. SQL Query and Record objects can be used out of the box without doing anything more than setting up a Connection to the database.

Some of SQL Yoga's features require some configuration on your part however:

• Adding custom properties to database tables.

• Setting search conditions using Scope objects

• Defining validation routines that are run before data is inserted into a table.

• Defining callbacks when records are created, deleted, retrieved or updated from a table.

• Automatically linking and unlinking records in two related tables.

• Turning SQL record sets into hierarchal arrays based on relationships between tables.

• Retrieving the related records from a table that is related to a SQL Record object's table.

Table objects unlock these features.

Refer to the API documention for Table objects for all handlers and properties available.


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