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How To Use Cursors With a SQL Query Object

After setting properties for a SQL Query object you can use sqlquery_retrieveAsArray, sqlquery_retrieveAsData and sqlquery_retrieveAsRecords to retrieve your data without having to fuss with a database cursor. But what do you do if you need to access the database cursor for a query? This lesson will show you.


A SQL Query object can open a database cursor using sqlquery_retrieve. This command generates a SQL query using the SQL Query object properties and then opens the database cursor. You are then responsible for closing the database cursor using sqlquery_close.

You can access the RevDB cursor id through the "cursor" property:

put sqlquery_get(theQueryA, "cursor") into theCursor

put the result into theError

## Do something with the cursor

sqlquery_close theQueryA

Navigating the Cursor

Once you have opened a database cursor there are a couple of SQL Query object handlers that help navigate the cursor. They are:

• sqlquery_moveToFirstRecord

• sqlquery_moveToLastRecord

• sqlquery_moveToNextRecord

• sqlquery_moveToPreviousRecord

• sqlquery_moveToRecord

Here is an example:

put sqlquery_createObject("lessons") into theQueryA

sqlquery_set theQueryA, "conditions", "id < 4"

sqlquery_retrieve theQueryA

put the result into theError

if theError is empty then

sqlquery_moveToNextRecord theQueryA

if the result is true then

## You are now on the second record in the result set.

end if

end if


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