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Errors Thrown From Password Protected Stacks

As of Revolution 4.0 the Script Editor has issues when trying to report an error that was thrown from a password protected stack. Since SQL Yoga is distributed as a password protected stack this information is relevant to developers using SQL Yoga.

This lesson demonstrates the issue and discusses a workaround.

The Issue

The Issue

Assume you have some code that calls the SQL Yoga command sqlquery_createObject. The code passes an invalid table variety. This causes SQL Yoga to throw an error. This can cause problems for the Revolution script editor.

When Script Debug Mode Is On

When Script Debug Mode Is On

If Script Debug Mode is on...

the Revolution script editor appears, asking you for the password of the SQL Yoga stack (1). If Revolution recognizes the error then it is reported in the Errors pane (2). This error is what you should be concerned with. You cannot unlock the SQL Yoga stack script.

You should click the Stop button (3) in the debugger controls.

Note that if Revolution does not recognize the error, i.e. the error starts with sqlyoga_connection_err,, then Revolution shows nothing in the Errors pane and you have no way of knowing the error message.

When Script Debug Mode is Off

When Script Debug Mode is Off

If Script Debug Mode is off...

The error will be displayed under all circumstances. If you have an error that Revolution isn't reporting properly in the Script Editor window then try turning off Script Debug Mode.


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